Reporting Birds & Animals

If you have some useful numbers or information to add, or suggestions for improvement, please contact Ken Borrie.

If you spot an orphaned or distressed bird or animal, a dead bird or animal, a raptor with a huge wing-tag, or a rare bird, you can contact the appropriate organization.

Marine Mammal incident reporting 1-800-465-4336 marine mammals found dead or in distress
Marine Mammal Rescue 604-258-7325 marine mammals in distress
Wild Bird Mortality Investigation 1-866-431-2473 dead raptors, water adapted birds, or 3 birds of any species in same geographic location
BC Beached Bird Survey (BCBBS) 1-877-349-2473 seabird carcasses that wash up on shore; for database on the causes & rates of seabird mortality
Wildlife Rescue Association, 5216 Glencarin Dr, Burnaby, V5B 3C1 604-526-7275 birds & animals in distress
Critter Care Wildlife Society, 481–216th Street, Langley, V2Z 1R6
604-530-2064 injured or orphaned animals (NOT birds)
OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehab), Delta 604-946-3171
injured or orphaned Raptor (Hawk, Eagle, Owl): available 24hrs for Raptor Emergencies
Wildlife Violation Report (BC Environment) 1-800-663-9453 violations of environmental law, including freshwater fishing violations, illegal wildlife kills, and disposal of hazardous materials into streams
Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) 1-877-952-RAPP (7277) (also dangerous wildlife in an urban area)
harassment of wildlife (e.g. photographers encroaching on Owls)
report known or suspected violations of fisheries, wildlife, or environmental protection laws, except salmon-related violations which should be reported to Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) at 1-800-465-4336
Fisheries and Oceans Observe Record & Report Hotline 604-666-3500 (GVRD)
  • exceeding the daily limit
  • fishing in a closed area
  • using illegal gear
  • damage to fish habitat and pollution
Emergency Management BC 1-800-663-3456 emergency pollution incident, such as an oil or chemical spill
Rare Bird Alert
(24 hour)
604-737-3074 To post report online:; Please include email & photos if possible.
Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust 604-940-3392  
Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS), Alaksen 604-666-0143  
Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary 604-946-6980  
YVR Wildlife Management if you spot a raptor with a large number Tag on wing – report Tag No., Date, Wing tagged (L or R), detailed location (or co-ordinates) to Kristine Kirkby
Terrafauna Wildlife Consulting

Reporting Sandhill Crane sightings in BC
– fill in online form at the end of Terrafauna webpage


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