DNS Meetings

DNS Monthly Meetings will be held on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at BENEDICTION LUTHERAN CHURCH, 5575 6th Ave, Tsawwassen (map at goo.gl/iVFyV7).

After the business is concluded, and a refreshment break, there will be a Presentation by a guest Speaker (8:15 pm to 9:45 pm).

Next DNS Monthly Meeting:


Speaker:  Jocelyn Demers
Topic:  The Watershed Guardians of the Fraser River


Poster by Geof Hacker – see previous posters at DNS Posters Archives

A river brings free valuable health benefits for everyone!  Discover how a healthy river contributes to a better economy!

This film presents an in-depth view of the rich, interactive ecosystems of the Fraser river watershed (Canada) and the people who champion their protection.  Eye-catching photography and accompanying commentaries draw attention to the global significance of the watershed which supports the most productive salmon river in the world that supports orcas, sturgeon, and is Canada’s major stopover for millions of migrating birds of the Pacific flyway.

With the participation of the Vancouver Aquarium, the David Suzuki Foundation, and the UBC department of Geography.

Please watch the trailer, and read more from people who saw the documentary at www.mondefilms.com

Jocelyn Demers has been involved in arts,  media, and eco-literacy for most of his career.  He worked for a radio station affiliated with  Radio-Canada International in Europe where he explored radio-journalism, news reading, and radio production.  Later he worked as a cultural planner and organizer for a Canadian University.

Monsieur Demers established the film company, Monde films in 2007,  based in Vancouver, BC.  He has produced and directed 5 documentaries about sustainability.  His latest film is The Watershed Guardians of The Fraser River.

His work is present in 200 University and College libraries and is also available on The National Film Board Green Channel.

Trailer at:  www.mondefilms.com

Previous Meeting:

WEDNESDAY, January 2, 2019

Speaker:  Paul Rennie

Topic:  Galapagos Islands and the Peruvian Amazon

Poster by Geof Hacker – see previous posters at DNS Posters Archives
Paul and Carol Rennie have enjoyed extensive worldwide travel throughout their 50 years of marriage.
Paul_Rennie_2009Paul is a molecular biologist and Professor at UBC, whose research has focused mainly on understanding and treating advanced prostate cancer.  He is planning to retire in April.
Carol has been retired for many years, and has become an avid bird watcher.
Last January, they took a trip to the Galapagos, the upper Amazon and Machu Picchu, which is the basis of their presentation.  The talk will focus primarily on the birds and animals that they encountered.
As a disclaimer, Paul knows nothing about bird species so any errors in bird identification are solely Carol’s fault…

Tentative schedule for DNCB outings:  see DNS Upcoming Events page.


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