DNS Meetings

DNS Monthly Meetings will be held on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at Benediction Lutheran Church, 5575 6th Ave, Tsawwassen.

After the business is concluded, and a refreshment break, there will be a Presentation by a guest Speaker (8:15 pm to 9:45 pm).

Next DNS Monthly Meeting:
TUESDAY, September 3, 2019, 7:30 p.m. at Benediction Lutheran Church
Speaker:  David & Diane Reesor
Topic:  Ethiopia

In northern Ethiopia:
• Ancient underground churches hewn down from the surface ground
• Mystics and Monks who guard holy places
• Simian wolves
• Gelada Baboons

• Nyala deer like and fleet of foot

In the south:
• The Omo People, an “early contact” people
• Dugout canoes. Grass huts. Live by crocodile-inhabited river
Having traveled the globe for decades, David and Diane are not only experts in navigating the world, but they have taken astonishing photos along the way, capturing every beautiful moment.
David sparked an interest in photography ever since he received his Brownie Hawkeye camera on his tenth birthday. His parents encouraged his interest and obligingly allowed his darkroom setup in the basement of their home. In 1992, David won the “Best Canadian Amateur” photo of the year in the Canadian international underwater photo contest. In 2007 David co-authored a book “Predator – Life and Death in the African Bush” with African safari guide Mark Ross. David has immense patience to remain “in place” for long periods of time to photograph birds and animals, and capture the most breath-taking shots.Having lived in remote villages in Dominica, WI, and Nunavut, Canada, Diane really appreciates the local people. The things she enjoys most about them is how they live their everyday lives, their most promising traditions, festivals, and ceremonies. Some of Diane’s most challenging journeys are the ones she cherishes most. Her favorite treks include Nepal, the Inca Trail, The Compostela Route and Copper Canyon. When it comes to her love for Photography, Diane has David to thank. After meeting David, traveling and photography have now become an integral part of their life together.

Website http://www.reesorphotography.com

Previous DNS Monthly Meeting:
TUESDAY, June 4, 2019
Speaker:  Prof. David Bird
Topic:  The Sex Lives of Birds


Recently retired as an Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology and Director of the Avian Science and Conservation Centre of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and now living on Vancouver Island, Dr. David Bird has published 200 peer-reviewed papers and supervised 50 graduate students on a wide range of wildlife themes, including endangered species, toxicology, captive propagation of birds of prey, human-wildlife conflicts, and today, the application of UAVs to wildlife research and conservation.

He has taught several university-level courses, including ornithology, wildlife conservation, ethology, and scientific communication.  He has written and/or edited no less than ten books, the most recent ones being ‘Birds of Eastern Canada’ and ‘Birds of Western Canada’ in 2013.


Dr. Bird is a past-president of the Raptor Research Foundation Inc., past-president of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists, an elected Fellow of the American Ornithologists Union, a former member of the Board of Directors of the American Birding Association, an elected member representing Canada on the prestigious International Ornithological Committee, and recently, a member of the Board of Directors of Bird Studies Canada.

He is the Founding Editor of a newly launched peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems and sits on the board of Unmanned Systems Canada, an organization dedicated to the use of unmanned vehicles.

Besides his innumerable public lectures and radio and television appearances, Dr. Bird was also a regular columnist on birds for The Gazette of Montreal and continues to write regular columns on birds for Bird Watchers Digest magazine and Canadian Wildlife magazine.  In 2013 the Canadian Wildlife Federation honoured him with the Roland Michener Award for Wildlife Conservation.

Tentative schedule for DNCB outings:  see DNS Upcoming Events page.


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