About Delta Naturalists Society

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8 Responses to About Delta Naturalists Society

  1. Marny says:

    Hello…in an article written in 2016 its states that Burr Villa is Raymonds Burr house. I thought that the author would like to know that Raymond Burr was never at that house.(I have done extensive history on the Burrs that did reside in Delta) He did live in New West…but Burr Villa was actually owned by a distant cousin. His family house is actually in New West. And he is buried in New West as well. Also, for anyone who doesn’t know, they might like to know that across the street from the entrance to Deas Island Park you will see a drive way just north. That was the location of Burr Villa before they moved it across the street. Back in the day, it was on “crescent island” and they actually had their own post office!! THANKS

    • dncb says:

      Marny, I only just found your comment, with your interesting observations about Burr Villa, which I am sure the Delta Naturalists would be very interested in reading. I couldn’t locate the original 2016 article you refer to, just a 2011-30 Report. My apologies for not responding sooner. Ken

  2. joanndykstra says:

    Is it possible to get hard copies of your “Birds in Delta” brochures for my adult immigrant ESL (LINC) class. I would like to do a birding fields trip with the class and your brochure would be an excellent resource. Is there anywhere I could pick some up?

    • dncb says:

      Joann, I’m sure you can pick up a bunch of pre-printed “Birds in Delta” brochures. I’ll contact brochure co-author Terry Carr who will be able to help you.

  3. Steve and Dorothy Beleznay says:

    In the August 28 Optimist, Anne Murray wrote an article about the pamphlet, Birds in Delta. We live in Ladner. Where is a good place to get this pamphlet from? Thank you. Steve and Dot. s_belez@telus.net

    • dncb says:

      There are free copies at Wild Bird Center, 1315 56 St, Tsawwassen; they are at the very back of the store (just ask). If you can print your own, it is on dncb.wordpress.com, right column, scroll down, under “PUBLICATIONS” – a 9″x16″ version (which your printer may scale to fit your paper size) and a 8.5″x11″ version. Ken

      • dncb says:

        Terry (co-author) says he left copies of the Bird Brochure in the Ladner Library and at the Museum, as well as with the Ladner Market organizers. Ken

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