DNS Meetings 2023

Meetings will be the first Tuesday of each month.
Hybrid Meetings are now planned for in-person and on-line via Zoom.
In-person meetings will be at All Saints Anglican Church, 4755 Arthur Dr, Ladner.

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NEXT DNS Monthly Meeting: Tues. March 7, 2023, starts 7:30 pm
Kieran Cox
Topic:  Human Impacts on Marine Ecosystems



PREVIOUS DNS Monthly Meeting: Tues. February 7, 2023, starts 7:30 pm
Speaker: Sharon MacGougan
Topic:  Miyawaki Forest-Celebrating Biodiversity
(links to YouTube recording of Zoom presentation)

Poster by Geof Hacker – See previous posters at DNS Posters Archive

Planting the First Miyawaki “Pocket Forest” in Western Canada

The Garden City Conservation Society and Richmond Senior Secondary’s Green Team recently planted the first Miyawaki “Pocket Forest” in Western Canada.  These biodiverse forests can exist in small spaces and could be a perfect addition to our city parks and other protected lands.  At the meeting we’ll share a Power Point presentation documenting the steps of our process from start to finish.  Could this kind of forest be part of the answer to the big question – how to mitigate ecological loss?  We hope so.

Our society also engages in stewardship activities on the bog area of the Garden City Lands (GCL), including a successful shore pine rescue, and sphagnum moss research, transplant and propagation in collaboration with Kwantlen Polytechnical University.  Time permitting, we’ll show a short video of our most recent sphagnum moss project on the GCL. 

Sharon MacGougan

Sharon is President of the Garden City Conservation Society, director of the Tir-na-nOg Theatre School
and Casa Meshiko Cultural Society; White Crane kung fu instructor, member of the International Council of Dance (UNESCO) and accredited teacher of Aztec dance.  Sharon has a deep love of the natural world and is committed to the idea of “good measure”, something that she learned from her father at a young age.  Always give back a little bit more! 


PREVIOUS DNS Monthly Meeting: Tues. January 3, 2023, starts 7:30 pmSpeaker: David and Diane Reesor
Topic:  The Okavango Delta in Botswana 
(linked to YouTube recording of Zoom presentation)

Poster by Geof Hacker – See previous posters at DNS Posters Archive

Once each year the Okavango Delta in Botswana is the largest inland untouched delta in the world.  Annual flooding brings the migration of Africa’s animals, some former rivals, to drink together in the same waters.  Diane and David will present images of the local people, colourful birds, wild dogs on the hunt and feeding their pups – and lions teaching their cubs to get their feet wet in river crossings.

David & Diane Reesor are Travellers & Nature Photographers.