DNS Meeting Presentations

Delta Naturalists Society holds monthly meetings (first Tuesday, on Zoom during COVID-19).  There is usually a guest Speaker, who shares a Presentation, usually photos accompanied by a talk.

Posters for DNS Meeting Presentations (going back to 2009) are at DNS Posters Archives

The following Presentations were recorded with permission from the Presenter(s).  Click on a Presentation title to revisit it on YouTube.
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When you are on YouTube, click on “Show more” to see more information about the Presentation, and the Speaker.

Time stamp: if you see a blue time in the information, e.g. 20:54, that is a direct link to that time on the video (20:54 means 20 minutes 54 seconds from the start).

Jun 6David HoarCrossing the Lydekker Line: Sailing through the West Papuan Islands
May 2DNS Members:
1. Jack MacDonald
2. Peter Ward
3. Thea Beckman

1. Barn Owl Box Videos
2. Opera Singers of BC
3. Digital Flash Cards – Bird ID and more
April 4Dan VarlandTurkey Vultures – Love at Second Sight
Mar 7Kieran CoxHuman Impacts on Marine Ecosystems
Feb 7Sharon MacGouganCelebrating Biodiversity
Jan 3Diane & David ReesorBotswana – the Okavango Delta
Dec 6Ron LongSome Beautiful Birds of Brazil
Nov 1Kristine KirkbyBirds of Prey and Aircraft: Mitigating collisions
Oct 4David HoarAmazon Flood Tour
Sep 6Terry CarrButterflies and Bugs in Delta
June 7Ron LongChasing Wild Orchids and other Botanical Adventures in Western Australia
May 3Kristin HillBird-Friendly Coffee and Certification
Apr 5Martin Gregus Jr.Before They Sink (South Pacific Islands under Threat)
Mar 1David HoarMicronesian Islands – Chuuk to Pohnpei
Feb 1James CaseyClimate Adaptation and Shorebirds
Jan 4Roger EmsleyReport on Roberts Bank Terminal expansion proposal
Jan 4Sarah SchreierKeeping the Legend Alive: Fraser River White Sturgeon 
Dec 7Dr. Christian SasseAstrophotography and hummingbirds in slow motion
Nov 2Kate PatonWild Vancouver, finding Hope and Joy in Nature
Oct 5Diane & David ReesorThe Islands of Birds and Icebergs: Newfoundland and Iceland
Sept 7Dr. David BirdThe Canada Jay as Canada’s National Bird
Jun 1Dale HjertaasOn Safari in Kenya and Tanzania 
May 4Deborah JonesRain Gardens for Salmon
Apr 6Martin Gregus JrLiving Amongst Polar Bears 
Mar 2David DoroghyShow Me the Honey: Adventures of an Accidental Apiarist
Feb 11Danielle DagenaisBats in Our Community
Feb 2Rob ButlerCrows Around Town
Jan 5Chris McVittieWanderings in Southern Arizona
DecSofi HindmarchThe Barn Owls Among Us
Dec. 1Liron GertsmanThe Great Gathering
Nov 3Martin Gregus JrSnowy Owls & Bald Eagles
Oct 6David Hoar & Noreen RuddNamibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe