2018 DNCB Outings

Tuesday October 30, 2018
DNCB Outing No. 2018-44 to WHIDBEY ISLAND

• Leave Petra’s at 7am.

• Leave Peace Arch parking lot at 7:30am.  (The parking lot is on Canadian side of border – just before the duty free turn right onto Beach Road – exit 1 – then left into the Peace Arch Park parking lot).

• Bring a picnic lunch.  No fruit, vegetables or meat.  Or buy something for lunch after crossing the border (e.g. Safeway in Oak Harbor).

Our first stop will be the Port Townsend – Keystone ferry terminal at Coupeville which is one hour and 46 minutes from Blaine.

• Follow I-5 to exit 230 (Hwy 20 West).
• Follow Hwy 20, past Anacortes, to the Keystone Ferry Terminal (for Port Townsend ferry).

• On Highway 20, when approaching Anacortes, watch for the left turn to stay on Highway 20.  It says Turn left for Oak Harbour and Port Townsend Ferry.

• Later, when you are approaching Coupeville, you can either follow the signs to Port Townsend Ferry by staying on Highway 20, or take the shorter route by turning right onto Main St which becomes S. Engle Rd and also goes to the ferry.  There is lots of free parking around the ferry.

Here is a Google map (Blaine to Keystone Ferry)

• We will take the 10:15 ferry to Port Townsend as foot passengers.  35 minutes each way.  Often see Guillemots, Murres, Auklets and loons from the ferry.  We will take the same ferry back at 11.

Buy 2 single tickets.  Fare each way is $1.65 for seniors and $3.35 for adults.

• After returning on the ferry, we will bird Keystone Spit, Crockett Lake and the trail to Fort Casey.

Then visit Fort Casey State Park and Deception Pass State Park (Cranberry Lake & West Beach).  For state parks each car will need to buy a Discover Pass ($10 day pass or a $30 annual pass).

Here is a Google map (Keystone Ferry to Blaine via Deception Pass)

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