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DNCB Outing No. 2019-09 to De Boville Slough and Pitt Meadows

It was another cool but gorgeous Tuesday morning when 18 DNCBers walked the dyke trail along De Boville Slough in Coquitlam, then drove somewhere in Maple Ridge to see the Northern Hawk Owl.  Check out the photo evidence on our … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing #2011-01 to Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Sixteen birders in a convoy of six vehicles spent a gorgeous, clear and sunny Monday morning (Jan. 3) travelling the farmers’ fields of Ladner, then Westham Island and then at Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  They like their names in print: Roger, … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing #123 to Reifel and Alaksen

DNCB’s: I’m baaack! after 6 glorious weeks holidaying in Western Australia, with friends and relies. Nine birders (Rick & Marg, Lorna, Roger, Terry, Anne, Hans-Ulf, Jimmy and me) enjoyed an almost sunny and raptor-filled Monday morning (Dec 13) at Reifel … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing #122 Northern Hawk-owl Hunt December 6, 2010

Photos by Rick Woolley A beautiful December morning, cold but clear, Lorna, Terry, Don, Rochelle, Marg, Rick and Roger decided to head towards Westham Island to see if the recently seen Northern Hawk Owl could be found.  Following the usual … Continue reading

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