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DNCB Outing No. 2017-16 to Deer Lake, Burnaby

More photos at our DNCB Flickr site Most of the photos of this Outing are on our Flickr website at:, then click the magnifying glass icon in the “Photo Pool” row, and add 2017-16 to “DNCB Photos” in the … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2016-30 to Burnaby Mountain and SFU

Photos by Roger (RM), Brian (BA) & Terry (TC) Fourteen DNCBers (named at the end of this Report) enjoyed a gorgeous Wednesday morning on top of Burnaby Mountain, wandering the trails to Simon Fraser University (SFU).  Some neat sightings, including … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing Report No. 2016-25 to Maplewood Flats

Nineteen DNCBers (names at end of this report) enjoyed a beautiful weekly Wednesday walk on the renovated trails of Maplewood Flats Conservation Area in North Vancouver.  We were accompanied and led by renowned Maplewood’s expert, Derek Killby, a Director of … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2016-20 to Minnekhada Regional Park

Seventeen DNCBers gathered at Minnekhada Regional Park in Coquitlam on Wednesday for a beautiful walk and climb in the woods.  Lots of interesting sightings including bears, baby birds; check out the photos and video evidence on our DNCB Picasa site. … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2016-16 to Several Ladner Parks

Twenty-six DNCBers (names at end) enjoyed a record hot (28 degrees) Wednesday morning of birding in three Parks in Ladner.  Lots of neat sightings; check out photos by Brian BA), Liz(LS), Jim (JK), Terry (TC), Pat (PS) and more at … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2015-21 to Maplewood Flats

Sixteen DNCBers enjoyed another gorgeous Wednesday morning wandering the trails in Maplewood Flats Conservation Area in North Vancouver.  We didn’t see a lot of birds, heard several (e.g. Gray Catbird), saw the nesting Osprey and Purple Martins, and really just … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2015-17 to Minnekhada Regional Park, Coquitlam

Photos by Terry (TC), Glen (GB), Liz (LS), Marion (MS), Roger (RM), Pascale (PC) at DNCB Picasa site We had a group of 17 today with warm weather and a sprinkling of rain at the end. We were joined by … Continue reading

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