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DNCB Outing No. 2019-53 Ladner Christmas Bird Count

Several Delta Nats participated in the Ladner Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, December 21.  Each Christmas Bird Count is conducted on a single day between December 14 and January 5.  Counts are carried out within a 24-km diameter circle that … Continue reading

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BBRP – Swallow Box Activity Report

by Chris McVittie (May 23, 2017) Swallow eggs, taken with endoscope (CMcV) These last few days, I have either opened or used an endoscope to check the boxes.  Up until this opening I have just observed nest box activity [on a … Continue reading

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BBRP Fall Nestbox Report Oct. 6, 2016

Bird Nest Boxes in Boundary Bay Regional Park The Delta Naturalists Society maintains about 30 Bird Nest Boxes in Boundary Bay Regional Park.  These are primarily for Tree Swallows.  There is also one Barn Owl box in a remote area … Continue reading

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DNCB Birds on the Bay Outing No. 2016-10 in Boundary Bay Regional Park

more photos by Jim (JK), Glen (GB), Pat (PS) on the DNCB Picasa site. Almost 30 folk (see 29 names at end) enjoyed a dry but windy quarterly Birds on the Bay outing in Boundary Bay Regional Park (BBRP) yesterday … Continue reading

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Delta Naturalists Bird Box Summary – November 2015

The original of this Bird Box Summary can be Downloaded (MS Word document, 6 pages) Report by Jack MacDonald Photos by Terry Carr, Jack MacDonald, Pete Blair, Peter Ward, and Geoffrey Hacker. Overview The Barn Owl box at Boundary Bay … Continue reading

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