2019 DNCB Outings

This 2019 DNCB Outings list is PRELIMINARY – please check back for changes!
• Meeting times & places are posted on the DNCB Home Page
you can also download this provisional chart:  2019_dncb_outings (not yet perfected!!) – but this may be out of date, and we will FIRST update our destinations on this website page!
• if a DNCB Outing destination is blue (e.g. Iona Regional Park), it links directly to the Report of that Outing.
• if an Outing No. is blue (e.g. 2018-01) it links directly to the photos of that Outing on our DNCB Flickr page

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Tu Jan 12019-01Cancelled?
Tu Jan 82019-02White Rock Pier & Blackie Spit
Tu Jan 152019-03Serpentine Fen
Tu Jan 222019-04Iona Regional Park
Tu Jan 292019-05Point Roberts, USA
Tu Feb 52019-06Iona Regional Park
Tu Feb 122019-07Drayton Harbor/Semiahmoo Spit
Tu Feb 192019-08Victoria
Tu Feb 262019-09Reifel Bird Sanctuary, via Ferry terminal & TFN
Tu Mar 52019-10Steveston Area
WED Mar 132019-11Birds on the Bay in Boundary Bay Regional Park
Tu Mar 192019-12Stanley Park (Spring Break)
Tu Mar 262019-13UBC Botanical Garden & Pacific Spirit Park (Spring Break)
W Apr 32019-14Destinations Below (in italics) are from 2018
– not confirmed for 2019!
Point Roberts
W Apr 102019-15Brydon Lagoon and Hi-Knoll Park
W Apr 172019-16Queen Elizabeth Park
W Apr 242019-17Ladner Parks
W May 12019-18Whidbey Island, USA
W May 82019-19Tennant Lake Park and Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, USA
W May 152019-20Pt. Roberts, USA
W May 222019-21Minnekhada Regional Park
W May 292019-22Semiahmoo Fish & Game/Little Campbell Hatchery
W June 52019-23Colony Farm
W June 122019-24Birds on the Bay in Boundary Bay Regional Park
W June 192019-25Pitt Lake
W June 262019-26Campbell Valley Park
W July 32019-27Surrey Bend Regional Park
W July 102019-28Ferry Outing to Salt Spring Island
W July 172019-29Reifel Bird Sanctuary
W July 242019-30Iona Regional Park
W Jul 312019-31Blackie Spit Park
W Aug 72019-32Burnaby Lake
W Aug 142019-33Boundary Bay at 104th St.
W Aug 212019-34Maplewood Flats, North Vancouver
W Aug 282019-35Sidney Spit National Park
W Sep 42019-36Mt. Baker, Washington
W Sep 112019-37Birds on the Bay in Boundary Bay Regional Park
W Sep 182019-38Iona Regional Park
W Sep 252019-39White Rock Pier/Blackie Spit/Elgin Heritage Park
TUES Oct 12019-40Derby Reach and Brae Island Parks
Tu Oct 82019-41Point Roberts, WA
Tu Oct 152019-42Jericho Beach Park
Tu Oct 222019-43Reifel Island via Ferry and TFN Lands
Tu Oct 292019-44Whidbey Island, Port Townsend/Fort Casey/Deception Pass and Rosario Beach
Tu Nov 52019-45Iona Regional Park
Tu Nov 122019-46Boundary Bay at 104th St
Tu Nov 192019-47Tsawwassen Ferry Causeway & Reifel
Tu Nov 262019-48Blaine & Semiahmoo Spit
Tu Dec 32019-49Terra Nova
WED Dec 112019-50Birds on the Bay Outing in Boundary Bay Regional Park
Tu Dec 172019-51Burnaby Mountain
SAT Dec 212019-52Xmas Bird Count
Tu Dec 242019-51cancelled!