DNCB Outing No. 2018-16 to Queen Elizabeth Gardens

Photos at our DNCB Flickr site


DNCB at Q.E. Park – photo by David Hoar

Eighteen DNCBers enjoyed a beautiful Wednesday morning wandering around the gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.  Lots of gorgeous photos of the flowers, blossoms, birds and folk on our Flickr site at: https://www.flickr.com/search/?group_id=3027315%40N23&text=2018-16&view_all=1.

Some left Petra’s at 7:30 am (I was picked up by David) and we all met at the QE Park Golf Course office at 8:30 am.  David took the Group Photo while we watched a pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches cavorting above us.  Then we walked our normal route past the Bowling Green and down the hill.  There was lots of little bird activity in the trees and around the many different flowers, especially Kinglets.  We got good looks at both Ruby- and Golden-crowned Kinglets, Bushtits (making a nest), Sparrows (Song, Fox, White- and Golden-crowned), Anna’s Hummingbirds (feeding two babies in a nest), and Hutton’s Vireos, which were a real test of our identification skills (thanks, Anne).  We may or may not have seen a Flycatcher.

We were a large group, got separated many times, but the inane chatfests carried on regardless, often even when no one else was nearby to hear.  Everyone mentioned how pleasant is this outing in the Spring when the weather is so nice, many flowers are in bloom, the manicured trails and gardens are immaculate, and the views of the city and mountains are glorious too.  During our three plus hours spent wandering, we also saw more neat birds including mating Northern Flickers (yes, see photo evidence), Varied Thrushes, Downy Woodpeckers, Gadwall and other common ducks in the pond.  One of our esteemed participants was enchanted by the sighting of a Northwestern Crow.  We were inundated by Kinglets, and finally found some Warblers in the tree blossoms.  We got good views of Yellow-rumped, and some saw Orange-crowned.  We heard Pacific Wrens and Brown Creeper, but I didn’t see them.  We were blanked on owls too, but saw lots of other common species that I haven’t mentioned.

The Park was filling up with visitors when we decided to leave just after Noon for lunch at the Locus Restaurant on Main Street.  We had been here before and the seven of us really enjoyed the service, food, and weird décor.  The Beer and Seafood Special I had was one of the tastiest meals I have had on a DNCB outing, and inexpensive too.  And I got home by 2:00 pm in time to watch granddaughter Juliette at her gymnastic class in Ladner.  It was truly an awesome DNCB outing.

We eighteen were: Roger with Terry & PB Lorna, David & Noreen with Glen & Mike B2, Marion S, sisters Maureen & Pat, Johnny Mac, Aussie Nance, Van City Lidia, Fisherman Roy & Solveig, Richmond Brian, Crow Aficionado Peter W and me.

Next Wednesday, April 25, we will leave Petra’s at 7:30 am for Ladner Parks, meetig first at the Ladner Harbour parking lot around 8:00 am.

Apologies for this tardy report, life got in the way with theatre (Shakespeare in Hollywood at Metro Theatre featuring Erica Bearss as the trollop Lydia), hockey, golf, grandparenting, doctor’s appointments, strata meetings, taxes, etc.  Get the gist?  Check out our website for more info, reports and photos.

As always, your comments are welcome, and let me know if this whining drivel annoys you and you want off my email list.  Cheers: Tom

Tom Bearss, President, Delta Naturalists Society

About dncb

DNS: Delta Naturalists are a group of nature lovers whose aim is to foster interest in the natural history of the Fraser delta by sharing and enjoying nature and promoting environmental awareness and conservation. DNCB: Delta Nats Casual Birders is a group of Casual Birders who go Birding at different locations each week, usually within the Lower Mainland or in nearby Washington State.
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