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DNCB Outing No. 2016-8 to Alaksen NWA and Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Photos from the DNCB Picasa site by Pascale & Alberto (P&A), Brian (BA), Roger (RM), Terry Carr (TC), Glen (GB), Marion (MS), & Pat (PS) A huge crowd of 30 DNCBers enjoyed a beautiful, sunny and mild Tuesday morning of … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2016-7 to Stanley Park

Photos from our DNCB Picasa site by Brian (BA), Pascale & Alberto (P&A), Glen (GB), Maureen (MS) & Pat (PS) Early sunshine greeted the small group at Petra’s – Roger, Glen, Gerhard, Debbie and Marylile joined by newbie Hugh Macdonald.  … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2016-6 to Drayton Harbor & Semiahmoo Spit, WA

See more photos at DNCB Picasa Site by Roger (RM), Brian (BA), Jim (JK), Marion (MS) & Glen (GB) While their esteemed leader was freezing his tail feathers off in the Far East (a.k.a. Ontario) twenty one of his faithful … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2016-5 to Point Roberts, WA

Twenty-three DNCBers, including several Newbies, enjoyed a beautiful Tuesday morning in Pt. Roberts (see participants’ names at end).  Check out the photo evidence by Roger (RM), Terry (TC), Glen (GB), Brian (BA), Jim K (JK), Marion (MS) and Chris (McV) … Continue reading

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