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DNCB Outing No. 2014-21 to Cheam Lake Park in Chilliwack

Photos by Terry Carr (TC) and Marion Shikaze (MS) to be added soon! On an overcast, but dry, Wednesday morning, nine DNCBers left the Ladner Bus Exchange at 6:15 a.m. on an outing to Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park in … Continue reading

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DNCB Report 2014-20 to Point Roberts, USA

Photos by Glen Bodie (GB), Jonathan Mwenifumbo (JM), Ken Borrie (KB), Liz Stewart (LS) Eighteen DNCBers had another super Wednesday morning of birding at Lighthouse Marine Park and then Lily Point Marine Park in Point Roberts, USA.  Hi-lites included some … Continue reading

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DNCB Report 2014-19 to Tsa Tsu Heronry and Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Photos by Terry Carr (TC), Glen Bodie, Greg Hall (GH), Liz Stewart (LS), Jim Kneesch (JK), & Marion Shikaze (MS) (and Tony Mitra (TM) soon?) Wednesday was another gorgeous day in paradise.  Twenty-four DNCBers visited the Tsa Tsu Shores Heronry then … Continue reading

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World Migratory Bird Day Events

On Saturday evening, May 10 and Sunday afternoon, May 11, Delta Nats hosted two events to celebrate and promote World Migratory Bird Day.  Ursula started this last year and organized the events again this year. Saturday evening’s Delta Nature event … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2014-18 to Barnston Island

Photos by Terry Carr (TC), Glen Bodie (GB), Bill Denham (BD), Liz Stewart (LS), Greg Hall (GH), Jim Kneesch (JK), Marion Shikaze (MS), Ken Borrie (KB) See their photo albums at DNCB Flickr site. Twenty-one DNCBers enjoyed another gorgeous Wednesday … Continue reading

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