DNCB Outing No. 2014-11 to Stanley Park

DNCB at Second Beach (TC)

DNCB at Second Beach (TC)

Photos by Terry Carr (TC), Glen Bodie (GB), Jonathan Mwenifumbo (JM), Marion Shikaze & Bill Denham (BD)

Nineteen birders including several “newbies”, plus a dog, spent a pleasant Monday morning at Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver.



The weather was mild and dry; hi-lites included: lots of waterfowl species in breeding plumage, some neat “little birds”, relaxing walks around Lost Lagoon and Beaver Lake, and a “mediocre” lunch in the Prospect Point Restaurant.  Check out Marion’s, Glen’s, Bill’s, Jonathan’s and Terry’s photos on the DNCB Picasa link DNCB Picasa site.

Eight of us left Petra’s at 8:00 a.m. car-pooling nicely in two vehicles (Rob & Marylile took Glen & Gerhard; Terry, Jim and Hans with me).  Spring Break traffic was flowing smoothly so we got to the Second Beach parking lot a bit before 8:45 a.m. where we were met by newbies Paula (without her bicycle) & Ray, Marion, Santa Otto (beer gift-yeah), dog-sitting Tony & Erika with their “accompaniment”,

Burnaby’s Janice, and Richmond’s Bill and Donna.  Jonathan & Lorraine joined us after MV Parks Staff took our obligatory (and always a hassle) Group Photo as we surveyed the waterfowl and many empty ships in the harbour.  The tide was high and the water wavy from the wind, but dry and not cold, which was much appreciated by some of us old folk.  Lots of Barrow’s Goldeneye and Pelagic Cormorants and some Bufflehead, American Wigeon and Mallards.  We saw beautiful Harlequin Ducks there later.

We began our walk past the swimming pool toward Lost Lagoon.  A posing Anna’s Hummingbird caught our attention, then a couple of Ruby-crowned Kinglets were clearly visible in the bare, budding tree branches.

Several pair of gorgeous Wood Ducks were in the stream before the bridge where someone always leaves seeds.  Song & Fox Sparrows, Spotted Towhees and Juncos were feeding here.

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Canada Geese were roosting, perhaps nesting, on the top of tall tree stumps.  Interestingly, in the Lagoon we saw single species of a male Common Merganser, a male Northern Shoveler, a male Green-winged Teal and one Snow Goose with three Canada’s.

Further around were several American Coots and a raft of Lesser Scaup (taller head, smaller bill) with a few beaut Ring-necked Ducks among them.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of Common Goldeneye (some showing their neck-bending mating behaviour) and Double-crested Cormorants in the fresh water Lagoon (Barrow’s & Pelagic respectively in the outer Bay).

The resident Mute Swans were there too, a couple looking like they might be pairing up for Spring activity. Marion photographed a pair of “entertaining” Mallards.  A pair of Varied Thrush feeding just off the trail thrilled us on the way back to Second Beach.

We got back to the vehicles about 10:30 a.m. and re-grouped to drive to the Beaver Lake entrance.  Lots of repetitious and often unintelligible conversation as we wandered around the lily-pad covered lake.  More Wood Ducks, Bufflehead and a couple of Green-winged Teal cruising about.

A bunch of Violet-green Swallows (first-of-year for me) were hawking insects above the water; we did not ID any Tree Swallows.  A Red Slider Turtle was resting on the Beaver’s Lodge.  Marion and Otto fed both Black-capped and Chestnut-backed Chickadees from their hands.

Native Douglas Squirrels enjoyed the feed too.  Lots of buds, and Daffodils and Swamp (Skunk) Cabbage in bloom, but not a lot of mushrooms or other fungi to whet Glen’s palate.  We again noted the Indian Totem carving on the tree on the way out.

Some then visited the Great Blue Heronry in the Park; several of us decided to have lunch at Prospect Point Restaurant.

The beer was awesome, the fish & chips mediocre, and the 18% Surcharge again pissed off a number of us.  Nonetheless, we were all happy heading home in the brilliant sun having enjoyed another fun DNCB morning.

Next Monday, March 24 is our Ferry Outing to Victoria.  We will meet on the 7:00 a.m. ferry to Swartz Bay, returning on 5 pm ferry from Swartz Bay (arr. 6:35 pm); see Terry’s details on the DNS Upcoming Events page (end of page).  As always, comments welcome and please advise if you want off My List.

Tom Bearss, President, Delta Naturalists’ Society

About dncb

DNS: Delta Naturalists are a group of nature lovers whose aim is to foster interest in the natural history of the Fraser delta by sharing and enjoying nature and promoting environmental awareness and conservation. DNCB: Delta Nats Casual Birders is a group of Casual Birders who go Birding at different locations each week, usually within the Lower Mainland or in nearby Washington State.
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