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DNCB Outing 2013-12 to Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Seventeen very fortunate birders (Roger, Mike, Anne M, Sheila, Jane, Lorna, Gerhard, Ken & Anne, Marion, Donna, Janet without Vienna Bryan, Bev, Jonathan without Lorraine, Terry, Kaye and me) spent a glorious Monday morning prancing in the Spring sun and warmth … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing 2013-11: TFN and Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Twelve DNCB’ers {Lorna, Mike, Hans, Gerhard, Marion, Paul, Sue, Quinn, Ken, Anne, Bryan, and me (Janet)} met at Petra’s for a morning of brilliantly sunny and thoroughly wind-chilly birding.  In honour of our missing leaders, no one presumed to sit … Continue reading

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DNCB/Birds on the Bay Outing No. 2013-10 to Boundary Bay Regional Park

Seventeen folk (Don & Rochelle, Ken & Anne, Jonathan & Lorraine, Paul and home-schooled Quinn, Roger & Anne M, Mike & Lorna, Leona & Sheila, Jackie & Jennifer and me) enjoyed a very comfortable quarterly Birds on the Bay outing in … Continue reading

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Barn Owl and Other Bird Boxes at BBRP

Peter Ward, Ken Hall and I met with Markus Merkens of Metro Vancouver Parks this morning at our Nats storage locker (new shelving installed – thanks Lynden) at Centennial Beach.  Metro Vancouver was neither happy with our Barn Owl Box … Continue reading

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DNCB Outing No. 2013-9 to Drayton Bay, Blaine, Washington

Fifteen DNCBer’s enjoyed a gorgeous, sunny Monday morning on an “away trip” to Blaine, Washington.  We were: Roger, Mike, PB Lorna, Sheila, Jane Z, Annie K & Eileen, Anne M, Ken & Anne A, Marion, White Rock Al, Deborah, Kay … Continue reading

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