Delta Naturalists Society

Welcome to Delta Naturalists Society!

We are a group of nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, wildlife photographers, and conservationists, located in the community of Delta, British Columbia, Canada at the heart of the famous Fraser River estuary. We welcome anyone interested in the observation and protection of nature to join our group. 

Formed in December 1988, the Delta Naturalists Society (DNS) is an active federated member of BC Nature, the provincial naturalists’ organization. Membership in DNS provides automatic membership in BC Nature’s 6,000 strong network of nature enthusiasts and experts, from communities across the province. 

Delta Naturalists Society also goes by the name Delta Nature. Our activities include:
• regular walks for birdwatching and nature observation;
• a monthly meeting with interesting and knowledgeable guest speakers;
opportunities to help with public outreach at festivals and events;
• involvement in bird box construction, placement and care; bird surveys and eBirding;
• working to protect and conserve the wildlife and habitats of the Fraser delta.
and the creation of information signs and nature brochures;

These 5 Nature Brochures were created by members of the Delta Naturalists Society, and are available free at all 3 Delta libraries.
You can also download them from the DNS Brochures page.

Various committees organize these activities and our social events, and we are always looking for new members to join! The DNS Birds and Biodiversity Conservation group formed in 2015 to encourage Delta Municipality to create a strategy around these issues. We continue to work on public education and outreach, and local conservation issues.

The birding contingent in DNS is known as the Delta Naturalists Casual Birders (DNCB). Begun some ten years ago, this activity was led most of the time by the late Tom Bearss, whose amiable persona, weekly bird walk, and humorous blog drew in dozens of enthusiasts from far and wide. Sadly, Tom passed away in March 2020 and is sadly missed. 

Covid-19 has changed some of our operations. We are holding online monthly meetings and have started weekly walks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Registration is limited to 15 people each day and can be done here.

Check out this website for all the information you need on Delta Naturalists Society, the Delta Naturalists Casual Birders, and the Birds and Biodiversity Conservation Group

To become a member, join here.